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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Japan Week and Movies on Emergency 
#1 Japan Week - 18th Aug and 20th Aug

"Japan Week" organized by the Indo-Japanese Association (Karnataka)
18.08.2005 - Demonstration of Japanese Tea Ceremony by Mrs.Jobst Omatha

Venue : Infinitea, Cunningham Road, Bangalore
Time : 3:30 pm
Entry : Free

20.08.2005 - Demonstration of Ikebana by Mrs.Jobst Omatha, Ikenobo
Floral Art & Demonstration of Mandala by Geshe-Tashi, Tibetian
Buddhist Monastry, Bylukuppa

Venue : The Hotel Chancery, Lavelle Road, Bangalore
Time : 3:30 pm
Donor Pass : Rs.200/-

More details from:
A. S. Padmini - 26580466/26583522
Geetha Bhat - 98860-64822

#2 Seminar and Film screenings on Emergency...Then and Now 17-20 Aug 2005

Dear friends: We are glad to invite you to the National Seminar on 'Emergency...Then and Now' on Aug 20th 2005 at SCM House. The seminar will be preceded by two days of film screenings - 17 and 18 August 2005 at the same venue. Please find below the full programme schedule. We look forward to your participation! Regards
Pedestrian Pictures

Citizens Initiative for Peace (CIP) invites you to a National Seminar on EMERGENCY… THEN AND NOW The Status of Democracy in India today
On 20 August 2005 at SCM House, Bangalore

Democracy in India is alive and kicking. So goes the popular saying in media, in national and international forums. Emergency has largely been understood as a watershed in the history of democracy in India. We take pride in the fact that those black days can never be back, that those loopholes have been plugged by bringing suitable amendment to the Constitution, that emergency is the thing of the past, and that it can never return to plague the Indian Constitution.

However, every toiling citizen knows that all is not well. What has gone wrong and where? Our Constitution, of course, has lofty ideals as declared in the Directive Principles. But the operative portions as reflected in the Acts and Schedules have become a constraint for a full realization of the spirit of Constitution, which are repeatedly amended for the worst. Of late particularly after the 90s, the Constitutional spirit seems to have suffered a set back. The Right to Life, Freedom of Expression, Right against Exploitation… and many such core ideals of our independent struggle are getting subverted.

Is it truly a matter of bad governance or denial of democratic rights? Why is that laws that are more draconian than MISA have come to be passed ruthlessly used and abused? Why is it that the Indian Army has killed more number of our own countrymen than others - that too in the name of democracy and national interest? One of the greatest paradoxes of our times is that more kinds of oppressive regimes, denial of rights and access to resources, brutal suppression of people's voices and the very mortgaging of the autonomy and freedom of a nation are carried out in the very name of Democracy.

In such a scenario how do we understand Indian democracy? In what direction is it moving? What is to be done?

Film screenings on the Emergency on 17 and 18 August 2005 at SCM House. Full programme schedule attached below.
Venue details: SCM House, 29, 2 Cross CSI Compound (Near Bangalore City Corporation, Mission Road, Bangalore - 560 027

10:00 am Welcome Address Gauri Lankesh, Convener (CIP)
10:15 am Inauguration Ko. Chennabasappa, Retd. Justice, Karnataka High Court
10:30 am Introductory remarks Prof. V. S. Sreedhara, Convener (CIP)
11:00 am Key Note: The Nature of Emergency Today, Nandita Haksar, Advocate, Supreme Court
11:45 am Discussion Fr. Ambrose Pinto, Prof. Sitaram Kakrala, Dr. Siddanagowda Patil
12:45 pm Lunch
1:30 pm Post Emergency Anti-Democratic Laws Sheela Ramanathan, Advocate, Bangalore
2:00 pm Discussion ALF, SICHREM, PUCL
2:30 pm Dalit Question and Indian Democracy Anand Teltumbe, Dalit Intellectual, Mumbai
3:00 pm Discussion Laxman, DSS
3:15 pm Tribal Question: The present status Vittal Hegde, Shringeri Deba Ranjan Sarangi, PSSP, Kashipur
4:15 pm Discussion Prof. Manu Chakravarthy, Dr. Vishnu Kamat, Pradeep
4:45 pm Summing Up Prof. N. Ramesh, Principal, National College

FILM SCREENING SCHEDULE : 17, 18 AUGUST 2005 17 - Aug - 05, 5:00 pm Prisoners of Consciousness Directed by Anand Patwardhan
17 - Aug - 05, 6:00 pm Lest we Forget: Memories of the Emergency Directed by Alternate Visions
18 - Aug - 05, 5:00 pm Delhi Dairy Directed by Ranjani Mazumdar
18 - Aug - 05, 6:00 pm Remains of Yesterday Directed by Sanjay Dominic

This is an open event, all are invited.


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