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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Freedom Jam 2005: 14h August. 
The Freedom Jam 2005 is scheduled on 14th of Aug at The Princess Academy, Palace Grounds, Bangalore from 3pm onwards. This year, Reynolds has decided to raise the bar at the FREEDOM JAM, and will feature their full new MILO rig of 24 tops, 12 M3Ds, and 10x 700HPs at this event showcasing the Meyer sound's new MILO Line Array system described as nothing short of a Sonic Miracle by Micky Hart. Click on the pic for bigger version. And More details on official site.
List of bands lined up:
Synapse (Rock), Gorified (Grind) ,Shrapnel (Heavy Metal) ,Extinct Reflections (Thrash Metal) ,Quasar (Classic Rock) ,Indiscretion (Rock and Roll) ,Asha Suparna (Hindustani Classical) ,The Trinity (Carnatic Classical) ,Ferry Ride (Rock) ,Esperanto (Other) ,WISP (Rock) ,Enpsychopedia (Rock) ,infinite dreams (Thrash Metal) ,Blitzkreig (Progressive Rock) ,MUTINY (Heavy Metal) ,AudioPhile (Progressive Rock) ,Asura (Other) ,Inviktus (Heavy Metal) ,WhitenoiZ (White Metal/Rap-Core/Nu-Metal/Metalcore) ,speedblade (Thrash Metal) ,Seedy/Baja (Other) ,ThirdNature (Own) ,Oligarchy (Rock) ,Lounge Piranha (Other) ,Premonition (Thrash Metal) ,INDOLOGY (Rock) ,Scream of Silence (Heavy Metal) ,Black Earth (Progressive Rock) ,sacrilege (Thrash Metal) ,Paradigm Shift (Rock) ,H O L Y V E N G E A N C E (Progressive Rock) ,Myndsnare (Thrash Metal) ,Hush(previously crashaxe) (Own) ,Tangerine (Rock) ,||MAYA|| (Mix of Indian Classical & Rock) ,SpitFire (Nu-Metal) ,G String Unit (Rock) ,Vinapra (Hindi rock) ,Sknow (nu-metal) ,Bhayanak Maut (Metalcore) ,SPIt (metal/rock/trash) ,William D'souza (Individual) ,High Strung (Rock) ,Duo Campanellas (Western Classical) ,MUKTI (Fusion) ,Rock-n-Raga (Rock Fusion) ,sri lankan vibes (urban/hip hop/srilankan baila) ,Geetha Navale (Carnatic Classical) ,Wax (Progressive Funk) ,MRP40 (Melodic Metal) ,Blue Frog (Progressive Funk) ,NADOPASANA (Classical) ,The AfterLife (Classic Rock) ,souled out (neo- classical- metal) ,Speak (Alternative) ,PRITHVI (Rock and Roll) ,4th Dimension (Metal) ,Mookambika Taala Vadya-Laya Milana (Indian Percussion Ensemble) ,'Ash (classic rock) ,Yell-O (Retro Rock) ,Vibrant (Progressive/Jazz) ,Catatonic Rage (heavy metal) ,Zonam (Rock\Metal).


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