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Sunday, April 04, 2004

Indian businesses 10 years hence?

Today's biggest Indian private business groups/firms are Reliance, Tatas, Birlas, Munjals, and others. Wonder what would the 'top 10' list look like ten years hence. I would like to place my bet on firms such as Bharti and Sterlite.

My intuition on these firms becoming huge is based on a lot of observations. Here are just a few sketchy ones.

Bharti seems to be the poster-child of organic growth today in India. They are investing heavily in building a huge customer base and moving from mobile telephone to landlines as well. Recently, they signed a (X-year) 750 million USD deal with IBM for IT outsourcing. That is big, alright. And the nonchalant way in which Sunil Mittal recently talked about investing 2000 Crore rupees in Bharti's immediate plans shows they are betting big for long term.

The way Sterlite is going around putting ads for hiring entrepreneurs says a lot about the company. By entrepreneurs, they dont mean HR jargon entrepreneurs. They mean real entrepreneurs who are running family businesses and who would like to head a division or such in Sterlite group. This shows the vision this group has in terms of quality and ambition levels of people!

What do you think?

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