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Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Entrepreneurial marketing: Use www

Everyday I keep getting a few mails asking me to put their links on my website in return for some money. You might ask, why? Well, in order to improve their site's google ranking. I do link to them once in a while, but I never do it on a commercial basis. For example, a friend of mine runs this business KVMM whose site link I have provided on my blog itself (left, down). Dear entrepreneurs, this is the game to goto the top in search-space mindshare. Read on.

One of the cheapest medium of being heard/seen today is the world wide web. Internet's power lies not so much in the content, but in the ability of search engines to find that content, and in the process connecting the content provider (lets say an entrepreneur) and the target audience (lets say a customer).

You might have an excellent product, service, or just an idea, but to reach the target audience is not easy. Not to worry, though. Help is at hand: A good ranking in search engines ensures that your presence is known and that the target segment is made aware about you whenever they are looking for info on anything related to what you do.

There's a whole well developed field called search engine optimization (SEO) to finetune your company website's ranking in search engines. It'd be best to try to top the SE roll of honors if:
* your product/service is essentially delivered online.
* you wanna disseminate info about yr product/service/idea via e-media.

The dividends from SEO are handsome. You can do it on your own or pay some SEO consultant to do it for you. Lemme know if you need any more gyaan on SEO for your business.

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