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Friday, December 19, 2003

Mensa. Finally.

After flunking the Mensa (Bangalore Chapter) membership test a coupla years back, I finally cleared it last week and got the result yesterday: "Your percentile rank on this test was 1st, i.e. you are among the top less than 99 percentile of the population..."

Isn't it strange that you dont make the cut a certain point of time, and then you take another shot and make it? And it holds true for any kinda test (IQ, aptitude, technical etc). Reckon, the whole intelligence business is bizarre. But the best quote about IQ tests is by Richard Branson :

"I once took an IQ test where the questions seemed absurd. I couldn't focus on any of the mathematical problems, and I think that I scored about zero. I worry about all the people who have been classified as stupid by these kind of IQ tests. Little do these people know that often these IQ tests have been dreamed up by academicians who are absolutely useless at dealing with practicalities of the outside world. I loved doing real business plans, even if the rabbits did get the better of me."

That from a man, who turned business wisdom on its head! So much for IQ!!

Seriously, I dont think one needs a certificate of IQ/genius from anyone. And I am not saying this because I could get in the 'club', but I am saying because I am the same guy who flunked the same test coupla years back. And because I found the test as boring this time as last time.

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