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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Internet's social networking power

Its amazing how internet enables people to come into contact with each other. For instance, yesterday, I a met a Georgia State University's IS PhD candiate. How did he get in touch with me? Well, a few months back he was searching for Gramin Restaurant in Koramangala, Bangalore and he hit my blog!

Now imagine, accidental meeting on the web of two Information Systems PhD students across seven seas! Considering that IS is such a specialized area and that there won't be more than a few hundred students across the globe in this particular field, isn't such 'enabling of people meeting each other' by the Net great? Isn't that incredible?

Even though we take today's technologies for granted, I sometimes pause and wonder how amazing all this technology stuff is! In the last 4 months only, I have met at least 100 people (okay, okay, make that 95+) in the physical world, with whom my first point of contact was Internet. Isn't that neat? I, for one, am amazed by the power of Internet!

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