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Thursday, November 06, 2003

Revolutions of Matrix sort, tonight

IIMB has its share of Matrix followers. And we have booked almost 125 tickets for tonite's (955pm) show at Symphony. By booking 4 tickets, I am one of the top 2 bookers :) We get to watch the most awaited movie (for me) just one day after the world-wide release, not bad, is it? :)

Its been long time that I watched a movie with a big college group. Last such time I can remember of, was during my engineering days when we watched 'Hum' (*ing Amitabh) in Gurudev cinema, Kanpur. And the whistles and dances that happened on "Jumma Chumma de de" was, well, phew! I hope none of that happens tonite 'cause I am a serious Matrix fan and I want to understand the finer points in the last of series of the triology.

As Agent Smith says: "Mr. Anderson, We missed you" (you have to hear this line). So here I come Mr Anderson!

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