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Monday, November 03, 2003

P Chidambaram and the art of Project Execution

I attended Mr P Chidambaram's talk day before yesteday at our campus in the context of our management fest IIMB-Vista (theme: Mission Execution), and his recipe for getting things moving on the govt projects execution front:

1) Govt should privatize whatever it can.
2) Evolve new organizational forms/structures. Current structures are inadequate to deliver. E.g. Bhakra Nagal dam was constructed on a contract basis and it stands as a testimony to a project finished on time and an excellent example of engineering marvel. Maybe give projects of national significance on contract and then enforce compliance (think golden quadrilateral).
3) Enforce Accountability and impose economic penalties for non-performers. Or at least award performers, if not punish non-performers. Current system as very few performers (e.g. Mr Shreedharan of Delhi Metro and Konkan Railways fame) because incentives (and penalties for non-performance) are missing.

Not very original I guess, but if we are able to achieve these it can work wonders....

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