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Sunday, October 12, 2003

Blogs: Future Perfect?

Wherever (e.g. nimbupani ) I have voiced the following opinion of mine, I have been blasted for desecrating the holy temple of current technology fad - the blogs.

In my opinion, following kinds of blogs would not survive:
a) Personal Blogs - They are reward-expctation based blogs: Blogger's enthusiasm is fueled by expected comments. In the long run, however, the small fan following wouldn't stick with the same personal blogs! (unless the blogger is a celeb)

b) Feeder Blogs - Blogs that link to other news /stories without much to say of their own. You can also call such blogs recycling blogs. They are headed for doom, again unless they from some reputed agency (e.g. O'Reilly etc). People don't need yet another place to spoon-feed them about whats happening around on the Net. Today net users are sophisticated and know where to find the info of 'their interest'!

What will survive are the blogs that add value (no jargon) to the reader. For example, a professor in Harvard might be talking about copyright issue and thats what will remain there. Rest of 'em blogs will just vanish in the obscurity of the Net just like the millions of never-updated-anymore geocities homepages!

This latest research from Pegasus only supports my PoV. Lets see what you have to say.


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