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Thursday, September 04, 2003

LAN computers names

Here are some of the names of the computers on our LAN (Local Area Network). The parantheses contain the description by the owner (as if that helps!). Anyways, makes for interesting reading! What are weird (=interesting?) names of machines you have come across in your organizations?

Aaaaahhhhhh, Abc, Abra-ca-dabra, Achar (pickle? unless thats someone's surname or somethin), Aghoraaghora (Fakir Baba), Ashwin (Yes, its me!), Bunty, Catch22, Catcherintherye, Chilli, Conciousness, Confuso, Consultant, Ctrl-alt-del (Chanakya @ C-shore), Deboo (God), Deepak (B to the A to the B to the A), Deja-vu, Don (GWYDION), Dreamteather, Eldorado, Enjoy, Ezhilara, Facaos, Gethooked (Silver Screen), Green-house, Gullu (Give war a chance), Hansie (3:16), Happy, Idlyvadasambhar, Isildur, John-galt, Madtop, Mordor, Moron, Muds, Neo (Abort, Retry, Ignore, Fail), Odie, Odiesoddodes, Oliver (home), Opera, Pansari, Param (Welcome to the desert of real), Perfection (Nero- Rome is Burning), Personal-decjed, Phoenix (purgatory), Pt, Pulsar, Quirk (Quirki), Rahul (2B||!2B), Ruchir (Monopsonist), Saliva (Have a feeling that its a spin on last name),Sandman, Saurabhix, Sanjeev (gainda), Satish (Moluguru), Sauron, Schatz, Serendipity, Sillypoiny, Sisyphus, Sleepless, Stillwaters, Sudheer_Narayan (ItsNotNarayanSudheer), Surdie(!), Swami, Tirth-in-maze,Ulysses, Unplugged, Ushasis (666 + 1), Vampire, Virion, Wufua, Xenos, Zeppelin, Zing, Zicmac, Zion.

My favourite is 'Moron'! :-)

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