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Tuesday, September 23, 2003


I go to Adiga's (restaurant) outlet near our campus quite often. This particular outlet of the Adiga's chain is on Bannerghatta Road, bang opposite the HSBC and Accenture call centres (thats what I think they are, but not sure).

The crowd level there got me thinking about the revenures of this restaurant. Making some fair assumptions (avg billing of Rs 20 in the self-service section, 100 footfalls per meal -thrice a day; and 40 Rs in the 'served' section, 50 footfalls per meal - thrice a day; ), I did some rough calculations, and I came up with the figure of 3,60,000 Rs / month. Taking modest 10% NET profit margin (which is low in restaurant industry), the absolute profit is 36,000 Rs! I am sure this is a very conservative estimate, and u'd agree if u've been to this place. But even taking this conservative figure, its an amount that a lot of IIM graduates dont get as take-home salary when they join jobs from campus!

Just a small restaurant, which we dont give a second thought about, making more money than the graduates of most preferred business schools. Something to think about!

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