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Saturday, September 13, 2003

Acoustic Western Music and Dance Competition Tonight in our campus.

All are invited.

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Subject: Yana Gupta hits IIMB !!!

Well guys, that was just an attention grabber.. Yana's not dancing at our least not tomorrow.. but MCC definitely is JNC... and Christ college and Joseph's and NIFT...

This Saturday nite at OAT, get your spirits high and start the countdown for this year's Unmaad.

Welcome to the "THE ECSTACY OF GOLD", a one-of-a-kind Acoustic Western Music and Dance Competition, where we play host to some of the top colleges in town.

Starting at sundown (6 PM) on the 13th of Sept (read as today), this event will go on till 11 PM and will be followed by a welcome party for the new batch of exchange students. As you can see, this weekend is going to be very very special, and all you have to do is be there!


"We aim to entertain!"

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