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Friday, August 15, 2003

TiE Networking Meeting

Attended TiE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) Networking Meeting yesterday. It was co-organized by Nasscom and the chief speaker was David Filo, Co-founder and Chief Yahoo!, accompanied by Phu Hoang, Senior Vice-President, Engineering Yahoo! Inc. The panel was moderated by Prof S. Sadagopan, Director, IIIT-B. Whenever I meet/see Prof Sadagopan in conferences, I am reminded of my brief stint with him at IIMB, just before he left to found IIIT-B. In fact, I did my summer internship (with Microland/ITSpace) also under his gudiance. The way he conducts panels is really good. He is a techno-leader in my opinion! Also ran into Deepak of SoftwareDioxide, with whom my aquaintance again goes back to I was in touch with him for being shipped to India Internet World, Delhi during the height of dotcom era.

It was fun meeting people in general. But the major disappointment was the talk itself. Even though the title was "Next Generation Opportunities on the Internet for Entrepreneurs", in reality, it was about yahoo only! Now, that doesn't speak too well of TiE.

Anyways, came back and joined the block party thrown by PGP1s. It was kinda return party for PGP2s, who had thrown the welcome block party for the freshers. It was fun. I guess. Well, I guess 'cause I got to chatting with my bhabhi, who had a baby boy 3 days back. She came upstairs to the computer just to talk to me :) Also, I got talking to a 'prospect'. Turns out she's a big writer with her books availabe all over the place (amazon, barns nobles et al). Man, I gotta go write some at least one book to bring at least some semblance of equality!

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