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Friday, August 29, 2003

Of the week gone by

I have been out of blog-action for a week now. The reasons are very existential sort actually: My computer decided to crash when I upgraded OS from NT4.0 to Win2000 last weekend! And then it was usual "upload-everything-afresh-->crash again-->repeat" cycle which took fair amount of my time.

And now to talk about pleasant and nice things (well, not so much really. This one turned out to be a sucker too!), I went on a trek last Sunday to this amazing place near Sakleshpur. Its a meter gauge abandoned railway track endowed with abundant natural green beauty. It was fantastic but scary. From now on, I am gonna celebrate 24th August as my 2nd birthday. I almost died on this trek. Read about it and see pics here: Sakleshpur Abandoned Railway Track Trekking (Tracking) (Donigal - Yedakumeri)

Update Jun16, 2007: The new link for sakleshpur trip is here.