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Thursday, August 07, 2003

No hay banda OR No hay Sensa?

Mulholland Drive is a higly praised by all quarters movie. And I dont understand why! Till the last moment, I was expecting that now, now, I would know what the heck was happening throughout the movie. But guess, what? Movie got over and I still dunno what the heck was it about. I mean creativity has its limits. You can be totally off-beat and go beyond conventional boundaries and come up with something innovative but then, doesn't weirdness also fall in the same category?

Given all the hype about and the critical appraise of the movie, more and more people watch it and hence the cycle of popularity propagates. In my opinion, like a few other movies, director (David Lynch, a brilliant director by the way) here is trying to say : "Hey, I am creating a subtle narrative here and you have to figure it out with your intellectual imagination." Now, that attitude of the movie story-telling, combined with high levels of word-of-mouth creates a situation where people watch the movie and even if they dont understand a damn thing, they figure something out and thus feel that they belong to an exclusive class of people who can make out what going on. And thats a big ego massage.

I guess, all this doppleganger movies make my head spin. No, wait a minute. Fight Club was a gem. And so was Memento (just DONT miss this one!). Now why couldn't David Lynch have at least some chronological continuity in Mulholland Dr. But anyways, you sure can watch the movie for Laura Elena Harring. She is completey, absolutely, fully, drop-deadedly WHOA! One of the most gorgeous screen babes I have seen.

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