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Thursday, August 21, 2003

Matrix, Computer Simulations, and God

I know you must have seen Matrix and Matrix Reloaded. Now I am not really much of a spiritual, religious, or philsophical person but due to its underlying post-human, super-human themes, the Matrix series has changed my world-view irreversibly. Its incredible that somebody would even think that we are all nothing but a simulation. Isn't it? *Think about it*. But then, if we are a simulation, how are we allowed to have the capability to even think that we are a simulation? Wouldn't the architect (God?) of simulation erase any possibility of us gaining consciousness as soon as symptons show? But is there even a possibilty of us becoming aware that we are a simulation, if we are one?

Whenever I have tried to think about this issue, because of arguments such as mentioned above, the thoughts on this topic run into a never ending, infinitely-nested loop. And my brain kinda burns out and gives up. Or is that just what I think? Maybe that's the intervention by the simulation architect! Anyways, my simplistic counter-argument to this whole simulation argument, at the base level, is that we are not living in a simulation because of the very fact that we are capable of harbouring the thought that we might be living in a simulation.

Tommorrow: Some further gyaan on humaity vs simulation.

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