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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

i-flex solutions talk

Yesterday attended a talk by i-flex solutions CEO R Ravisankar. As i-flex has been one of the few Indian companies to break out of the services mold and market a software product successfully, the theme of the talk was "Making Global Brands with a Made in India Label".

He gave us nice insights into how i-flex came to be. But apart from funda/gyaan that he gave on the topic, there were lighter moments too: He started with saying that he would like a picture of the (big) audience present to show to his IIM-A professors who never thought he would ever amount to anything! Also, in response to one question later, he recalled that a batchmate of his used to say: "The biggest value-add of management education is that it enables you to tell when someone is BSing you and also to BS people who don't know enough." Now, that is cool!

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