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Sunday, August 03, 2003

Free People Movement

Real nice article and thought-provoking data on inter-state migration in today's Swaminomics (by Swaminathan S Ankelaria Aiyar). What's surprising is Haryana's 7.9% net inflow and Karnataka's net outflow! Now, having been here in Bangalore, I would tend to think that people are moving in all the time. But heck, more people seem to be moving out than moving in!

More interesting part though is the implications of the study lined out in the article: That poor do not benefit from freedom of movement across geographical boundaries. Even when given the opportunity (by state/nation-laws/regulations) to migrate, they lack the information!! Now, that is really interesting 'cause it means only those with access to information (read rich) are able to migrate to so called 'greener pastures'. I, for one, have been always indignant at US/Europe visa policies (u can scroll down and read why in my post titled "Why do we need Visa?"!). Guess what? Turns out that India too is not all that benign in handing out visas. I recall that recently India denied visa to some top boss from Amnesty International, apparently because s/he had spoken against Indian government in the matter of Gujarat riots!

Phew! I am not gonna crib again about visa restrictions. I have migrated once already (from UP to Karnataka) and do not wanna migrate to anywhere else in the world. Thank you very much, I am better off here, where I am.

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