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Saturday, August 02, 2003

Flying Fun

Went to Jakkur airfield for aerosports (parasailing and microlite flying) today with Anirban. Actually there were three of us because the two of us on the way dropped in at Vivek's place and from there on, we went in his car. It was fun and especially nice meeting the organizer and an old friend of mine Mr Sheshadri. Earlier, he used to own this group called earlier and now he's started a different company called careadventures.

On the way back, dropped in at guilt-gang's home to ping them. Found only our good ol' ghayal sipahi Kapala. From there moved on to ping another friend Yasmeen, who recently opened a boutique called Raindrops. Her Dutch boyfriend Richard Degennar is doing some cool projects in India. It was great meeting them after a long time, more so because Richard gifted us keyrings modeled after traditional Dutch shoes!!

You should go for aerosports to Jakkur on the coming weekends and have fun. And if you are there, just ping Mr Sheshadri on my behalf too! Man, when will I go for a PPL. Moolah, I need lots of moolah!

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