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Wednesday, August 20, 2003

A dork invests in stock market

Stock market seems to be on a roll. Reckon, I should be able to redeem my 3 year old investment now sometime soon. You see, I had invested this sum, yes you guessed it right, at the height of dotcom boom. Dotcom era turned me, a novice, into an investor! I got high on the tech boom and gave my money away to these mutual fund (euphoria couldn't still turn me into an equity investor :- ) managers in the hope of seeing it doubled, tripled and so on. And the date I chose to invest was the date index was at its ALL-time high (Apr 00)! After that very date, sensex has been heavily 'down' with gravity for 2.5 years. Current positive sentiments and sensex's north-bound trip gives me some hope of getting my money at 'invested value' and not at 30% of it :(, never mind the gains. Mercifully, this was my only investment in tech era. Enough of 'rash' investments (!?). Government-backed securities it is for me, from now on.

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