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Saturday, August 09, 2003

Digitize something

Remember the days when we used to have tape-recorders? VCRs? We dont have them anymore! Why? Because we have digitized audio. Because We have digitized video. So, instead, we have VCD players and mp3 players or still better, more ubiquitous PCs which can play anything from digital audio to digital video in different formats.

If you think about it, we have got 5 senses with which we percieve/feel the world. They are: 1) Hearing 2) Sight/Vision 3) Smell 4) Taste 5) Touching. Now, if you read first para carefully, you know where this is going: We have digitized the first two 'experiences' in this list of five. Now, I am waiting for the rest to be digitized. And any individual/corporation that'd do any of the remaining three will not just make it big, but in the process, also fundamentaly change the way we live (think 'life pre-digital music/audio vs life now'). Already, I have been coming across research at lab-levels happening for these virgin areas of digitizing the later three human sensual expereinces. Apparently, electronic noses have already been developed to some efficiency levels. And there was a successful cross-Atlantic experiment (sympathetic haptics) to 'transport' the human touch electronically. Taste, hmmm.. dunno anything about that! (Maybe Deki has something to say about that as she seems to be constantly checking out the latest restaurants/cusinies etc!)

Update: What a COINCIDENCE! Just after submitting this post I was clearing my today's newsletters, and guess what do I see: Device Simulates Food!! Man!!!

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