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Sunday, August 31, 2003

Busy Weekend

Yesterday (Saturday) a friend's friend came over all the way from Chennai just to pick up CAT form for a friend of hers! As the deadline was already over (Friday), we were lucky to get a draft made for Friday by the ever-obliging lady in campus' State Bank of Mysore. I think the staff of SBM in our campus can put any private bank staff to shame with their amazingly neat service. Then later, the lady in admissions office gave me quite a knowing smile for this trickery! Had lunch with this friend's friend and after she got her bearings (poor soul had boarded train at 0400 in the morning!) back, packed her off. Then, later in the evening, had dinner with another friend. She is a nice and resourceful friend who had treated me with a huge cup of tea 2 weeks back and also given me requisite info for my last week's 'track'.

Arranged Marriage saga continues

Today, I met 2 'prospect' girls. The profiles, I must say in both cases are quite terrific. And even though my bro has given me a December deadline to get married - he starts Executive MBA at Fuqua from January and hence wont be able to come to India for 22 months - I have a feeling that this hunt will continue for sometime to come! Gawd, now whatever was all that about 'love at first sight'. I dont think that ever happens with anybody. Not with me, at least.

Anyway, In the honour of this wonderful tradition (for poor junta like me who couldn' find 'love of their life'!!) of arranged marriage, you can listen to this song for now: Apache Indian : Arranged Marriage. (lyrics here). Now, my 'gal' dussent have to be a 'princess' and I dont want my 'gal to mek me roti' unlike what Steven Kapur wants, but yeah it sure wud be nice if she's 'sweet like jelebee'! And no, she dussent have to be from Jullunder City!!

The time has come mon fe Apache
Fe find one gal and to get marry
But listen when me talk tell everybody
Me wan me arranged marriage from me mum and daddy

Me wan gal from Jullunder City
Me wan gal say a soorni curi
Me wan gal mon to look after me
Me wan gal that say she love me

Me wan gal fe me Don Rani
Me wan gal dress up in a sari
Me wan gal say soorni logthi
Me wan gal sweet like jelebee
Me wan gal from Jullunder City
Me wan gal say a soorni curi
Me wan gal mon to look after me
Me wan gal to mek me roti


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