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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Weblog --> Blog

Do you know the origin of the term blog? Well, as far as I know, it derives from WebLog - a term used to denote a file consisting raw data about access/hits to a particuar website.

Now checking out hits to my own website has always been a very interesting activity for me. I do it every morning. Weblogs give me a peek into what's driving people to my site and, accordingly, if I can do something better to serve their search-engine queries better (most of my hits are from google - US, Indian, French, Italian, Brazilian, all sorts!). Now, most of the time I really don't do much to 'manipulate' my google rankings, but over the years I have been lucky enough to have major portions of my site getting listed in the first results page itself. Even so, I was quite surprised to see my webpage (autobiography review/excerpts) listed in the first search result page for this query:
Google : sam walton walmart
Google : sam walton management style

Now that really is an honour. Why? Because I admire that man, I admire that company. And getting listed in top ten for something/someone you admire, is well, nice!

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