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Thursday, July 31, 2003

Telephone vs Net

Today I got a surprise: A telephone call from my brother. The purpose was to announce the safe arrival of my parents at his home. Hardly surprising, a call from bro, you might say. And of course, I knew about my parents' US visit! Thats not what's surprising though. What is surprising is the telephone call. You see, my and my bro never communicate over phone. Not for the last 5 years at least! Once upon a time, long time ago (5 years back), we did use to talk over phone, the reason being me not having access to the internet. From the point in time I got onto the Net, I dont recall making a call to my bro or vice versa, save his calls when I am visiting my home. Isn't it wow that we all take things as given, and for granted, but sometimes if we stop, look back and think about things carefully, changes in life kinda seems amazing! In this case, at least, I think its amazing the way Net has changed my life.

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