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Monday, September 01, 2008

Sep 6: Mashaal presents 'Sifar' 

"Dear Friend(s)

Mashaal brings to you an award winning production Sifar.
Play : Sifar
Language : Hindi
Date & Time : 3:30 pm & 7:30 pm , Saturday, Sept 06, 2008
Location : Alliance Francaise
Duration : 60 minutes
Entry : Rs. 100

About the play:
Sifar won prizes for Best Play, Director, Actor and Lights Design at National Abhinaya Theatre festival Mar `08.

The play starts with the protagonist Sandeep working late in office on a Friday evening. As people around him are leaving, we get an insight into Sandeep's busy office life. Through the play it becomes clear, how Sandeep has sacrificed a number of small things in his personal life, to be where he is in his professional one. Some time in the night an unexpected visitor comes calling, who refuses to identify himself. The person irritates Sandeep by his digressive style of conversation and even though Sandeep tries to ignore him he is unable to. As the mystery surrounding the visitor builds up, Sandeep relives some of the decisions he made earlier in his life, and is forced into questioning them.

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