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Friday, April 04, 2008

Apr8-18: Junior FilmCamp - a filmmaking workshop for children 
"Junior FilmCamp - a filmmaking workshop for children
FilmCamp.TV is an organization that focuses on teaching, producing and screening new Indian cinema. As part of the teaching initiative, FilmCamp.TV is conducting Junior FilmCamp, a summer filmmaking workshop for children, ages 8-16. At this workshop, children will write, shoot, enact, direct and edit two minute films over a two-week period. This activity is collaborative with children working in groups not exceeding 5, each group making a film.

The workshop consists of 6 sessions, each session lasting two hours. The method of instruction is a combination of informal interactive sessions with children, encouraging active participation in groups, hands-on demonstrations of equipment and the screening of clips from Hollywood films to illustrate the filmmaking process. 

In the first two sessions, children will get a brief introduction to how cinema is made (the Hollywood way) using clips from films. They will initially write treatments (the story in three paragraphs) followed by a script. They will be introduced to the camera, how to operate it and how to use it with a tripod. 

In the third and fourth session they will breakdown their scripts into a storyboard. They will learn how to bring the script to screen using frames (close-ups, medium-shots, long-shots). They will learn how to use overlapping action to create continuity in cinema. They will prepare for the film shoot by rehearsing shots from the storyboard and enacting them.

On the fifth session, they will actually shoot their films in 2-3 hours. In the 6th session, they will edit the film to complete their production. The editing session will also be done in the park using Apple computers. FilmCamp.TV will fine-tune the edit, add music and have an outdoor screening of the films to which the public is invited. All students will be given a DVD copy of their film.

FilmCamp.TV has conducted 14 one-day workshops for adults in 5 cities - Bangalore, Chennai, Mysore, Hyderabad and Trivandrum. Over 200 individuals have participated in our workshops producing over 30 films. Check out to view these films.
More details about the workshop is here: 

The details are:
Workshop Begins: 8th Apr 2008,
Sessions: 6 sessions (on alternate days) over two weeks, 
Workshop Ends: 18th Apr 2008
Venue: Lal Bagh Botanical Garden
For more info visit: or Call: 0-92434 22797 / mail:
FilmCamp.TV workshops are intended as media-empowerment for the common man. FilmCamp.TV conducts non-profit workshop which is dedicated to the underprivileged and economically backward sections of society. FilmCamp.TV aims to use digital tools and the internet to demystify the filmmaking process and make it available to all.  "

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